Career Counselor


Appointment with Career Counsel-

I have always thought my  “job hopping” was such a bad thing. I am rarely at one place for longer than a year, 2 max, and my jobs vary from nursing assistant, to hostess, to retail at a grocery store to case manager for homeless vets. Through all of this I have discovered one key thing,ok several, and that is what I really don’t enjoy doing. I am not the kind of person that cannot be around people. I would rather rip my eyeballs out than have to sit in an office , alone, with my thoughts GAH!!!! I also didn’t like nursing. I really wanted to like nursing. A lot. It is a “good, secure job”, a responsible choice, a good paying career, you can get a job anywhere… I write this I am thinking, WHY AM I NOT A NURSE!?!

Part of me was not being fulfilled which brings me to….your job is not going to satisfy every aspect you need just like no one relationship can. I am learning that. Maybe I had the perfect job and left it or turned it town because at the time it didn’t seem perfect. It was a job that allowed me to be active enough, pay me enough, connect with people on the level I need, who knows why but I can always find something. The other side is, I haven’t found anything that really speaks to me. The best job I have ever had was at Trader Joes, I may go back , who knows! Who woulda thunk that working in a GROCERY STORE would have been my favorite of all time. I remember when I went from a CNA on a renal dialysis floor(which I considered to be somewhat of a prestigious title) and went to a crew member at tjs with a significant paycut, it was a huge slam to my ego. When I would meet new people or be at parties and I heard their titles or professions “I own my own consulting business” “operations manager” “in school to be a physicians assistant” then I would say “oh, I work at trader joes, but it is only temporary I am just here while I let my life settle a little.” But really what I was saying was “Don’t think I am a loser. I am really self conscious of having this job and don’t want you to think I am ok with having this be my place of employment. I am better than this. I am better than the people there.” But you know what, 3 and a half years later, my view on that has changed significantly. I think a lot of my thinking has shifted for several reasons, some of them being, I recently lost my mom and that taught me how short life can be and just how precious it is. 2nd, I’m 30. Getting older helps with a lot of things, I don’t care what any one says. You just don’t give a shit about what others think because you realize that NO ONE knows what they are doing and often times those people with the fancy schmancy titles are miserable human beings. I will not be a miserable human being. I refuse. Third, I forgot but I may come back to it.

Anyways back to my career advising appointment-

I guess I don’t have that much to say about it. HAH! How anti climactic! I guess what I walked about with was feeling better about myself. My advisor was a sweet girl, probably my age, and I told her all the extra footwork I had been doing to find a good job. How I had looked people up on linkedin at companies I had interest in gaining employment at, I friended those people and met them for coffee or messaged extensively to see what they thought of their work, what they liked or disliked, how they got there and any advice. I reached out to complete strangers and picked their brains because 1- I really wanted to hear their story 2- I was looking for guidance in my own journey. I looked up companies on or glass door, I’ve taken personality tests, read books and made pros and cons lists up to wazoo! I know that none of these people have the perfect path and none have claimed to but I have learned something from each person.