Another Attempt

Lets try this blog thing again. It is kind of fun to look back at all my previous attempts. I already created a new blog on a different site, looking for just the right feel, the right layout, a fresh start but then realized, sometimes, you just HAVE TO START! So I am starting from this site, where I have posted before which may or may not relate to whatever this blog evolves to.

I am going to catch you up on some of my journal entries which may actually confuse things but I like having them online because I will likely lose my journal 🙂

post from 1/20/2017

“Happy inauguration day! Donald fucking trump is our 45th president! I can not believe it! There is no reason I cannot be an extremely successful individual if he managed to be our president. In other news, I am back to ED TX (eating disorder treatment) Monday! I also cant believe it. I am 30!! still puking my brains out. Still spending half my paycheck on shitty food just to throw it up. Still lost in life.  Met with an adviser at school today and a gf after to discuss potential jobs and direction for me. I think E.F was more helpful than the adviser. Not sure how much my adviser really liked me. Just felt like EF saw the good in me and who I want to become and the adviser…well didn’t! Ha! Or he just told me the truth and I didn’t like it.

 I am hoping treatment helps clear my mind and give me a little direction. Last time I had some space from puking my brains out I felt so much clearer and confident.”